Recent Events

  • Guests From Russia
    Casey Bryl from Amity Technology was behind the whole operation of bringing these farmers to our farm here in Gary, interested in learning...
  • Wheat Harvest
    A short clip on harvesting and unloading wheat....
  • Sugar Cane Growers Visit
    Sugar cane growers from Louisiana visited the Red River Valley in September touring beet harvest. They also visited Skaurud Grain Farms and toured...
  • Grain Bin Rescue
    On March 24th & 25th, the Twin Valley Fire Department held a Grain Bin Rescue Training seminar at Skaurud Grain Farms shop. 55...
  • Turkmenistan Visitors
    On April 18th we were pleased to have a visit from agronomists, plant breeders, and university professors from the Country of Turkmenistan. They...



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