• Guests From Russia
    Casey Bryl from Amity Technology was behind the whole operation of bringing these farmers to our farm here in Gary, interested in learning...
  • Wheat Harvest
    A short clip on harvesting and unloading wheat....
  • Sugar Cane Growers Visit
    Sugar cane growers from Louisiana visited the Red River Valley in September touring beet harvest. They also visited Skaurud Grain Farms and toured...

Quality Crops

Providing quality crops is our number one goal, and we've been achieving that goal every year for the past 34 years.

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With a handshake and a smile whether you're visiting or buying seed, be assured its always quality service.

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Community Support

Our community has always been there for us, so we like to show our gratitude.

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Our Mission

Skaurud Grain Farms is a family business, has family values, and looks out for each other and the environment.

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4484 State Hwy 200
Gary, MN 56545
Phone: 218-356-8771